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  • The TL-A3S is the latest generation of economical laser engraving and cutting motion control system. Based on 4.3-inch colorful screen design, it has faster and more stable network and USB transmission capability. Support 3-axis motion control and 1-way laser control. Equipped with laser engraving and cutting software AutoLaser, support CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Illustrator export menu. Support custom development.
  • TL-A3S
  • TL-A3S
Description Specifications
● Power supply of DC24V/2A;
● Use high-performance 32-Bit floating point ARM, 128MB Flash, 512KB RAM, 3 general outputs, 9 general inputs, TTL electrical level;
● Equipped with 4.3", 480×272 LCD;
● Support 3 axes motor control (X, Y axis used for horizontal motion, Z axis used for rotary cutter lift, U axis for feeding or platform lift, Z/U axis multiplexes one port) motor shaft pulse frequency can be as high as 166KHz;
● Adopt 7-segment S-shape acceleration and deceleration and adaptive speed planning algorithm, and support speed parameter setting and small circle speed limit with one button, different cutting parameters available for different graphics, support backlash compensation;
● Support 1 laser control, TTL electrical level, adjustable output voltage of laser control: 0~5V, adjustable PWM output: 1K~100K, adjustable duty cycle: 0~100%;
● Support USB2.0 interface, support USB communication to computer, support reading and writing of U disk;
● Support 100Mbps network transmission rate;
● Support real-time clock, machine lock;
● Support rotary cutting, marked-positioning cutting, rotating cutting height compensation, pressure feeding roller control;
● Support track preview, continuous engraving after power off, real-time correction of power light intensity and speed during work, rotary engraving, switching of 2 platforms, split feeding, pressure feeding, automatic blowing, auto focus, foot switch, safety protection, upgrade, processing statistical information and other functions;
● Support the languages of Chinese (simplified), English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and etc;

Product acessories:
1.TL-A3S controller
2.TL-A3S panel
3.Square port USB cable* 1, PC extension cable * 1, U disk extension cable * 1, crossover network cable * 1, network extension cable * 1, panel communication cable * 1
4.Stamping parts (sets) * 1

Controller: 123.1mm*123.1mm
Panel: 182.0mm*120.0mm (front), 145.5mm*100.8mm (rear)
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